Episcopal Identity

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

Episcopal Identity

Episcopal schools are Christian communities that integrate spiritual formation into all aspects of the educational experience to embrace inclusivity and acceptance of all faiths and beliefs. As such, Holy Trinity Episcopal School is faithful to the highest demands of both the Episcopal Church and educational communities. 

We are committed to integrating the vigorous academic challenge of an exemplary liberal-arts education with effective spiritual enrichment.

Our goal at HTES is to prepare our students for higher education and a meaningful life experience. We achieve these goals with a strong emphasis on academic excellence, spiritual development, and social responsibility.

By maintaining a community of educators and families committed to supporting one another, we provide an inclusive and comprehensive “life-preparatory” education.

Our private school offers academic programs that are centered on students and backed by developmentally, scientifically, and emotionally sound methods of higher education.

Guided by spiritual principles, core values, and a program emphasizing academic excellence, Holy Trinity is fully equipped to prepare its youth for a bright future.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Private School Values

Holy Trinity’s family environment and educationally supportive community Inspire children to connect with others through a moral and ethical code deeply rooted in the traditions of the Episcopal Church.

Our nurturing private school environment is designed to inspire young minds to model respect, compassion, and integrity in every aspect of their lives, which creates a strong foundation for living an intellectual and meaningful life.

Our Values are Best Articulated Through What We Call the Titan Way – 

Respect: The belief that everything has value and that we are called to honor the inherent dignity of all things.

Integrity: The belief that living an honest and principled life is a critical piece to bringing people together in a spirit of unity and mutual support.

Compassion: The belief that we serve a purpose greater than ourselves and are better able to live that purpose when we work to relieve the suffering of others.

Questions About the Episcopal Identity? 

We invite you to visit the National Association of Episcopal Schools and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools website for more information about the Episcopal identity and Episcopal Schools.

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Holy Trinity Episcopal School Prayer

O Eternal God, bless this community of Holy Trinity Episcopal School, that we may be a lively center for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom; and grant that those who teach and those who learn may find you to be the source of all truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.