Why Private School is a Great Choice for Your Child

Holy Trinity Episcopal School Classroom

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Are you considering private school for your child? Every parent wants their child to have the best possible learning experience. While there may be various opinions on what the best experience means, there is little debate that learning environments built on relationships are generally safer, more nurturing, more personalized, and more inspiring for children than those that try to standardize the experience.

This is where a private school experience often differs from public school, creating an environment where children are appreciated as individuals seeking growth and development rather than creating systems to efficiently educate the greatest number of children.

Private school offers a different educational experience than public school. For parents seeking an alternative to the public system that offers strong academic programs, focuses on developing children as a whole, and desires to be partners with families in their child’s growth, private school may be the answer.

In this article, we will go over a few significant reasons why we believe private school is the best choice for educating children.

Small Classes & Personalized Attention

In a private school, educational and socially developmental practices are more refined and tailored to meet the learning needs of each student individually to promote a love for learning and growth.

By keeping classes small, private schools create a positive and fully supportive learning environment, allowing students to enjoy their education and feel confident in their abilities.

Smaller class sizes allow teachers to get to know each child individually to ensure a more personalized approach, which is all about earning student trust and creating an environment where kids feel safe and secure.

These private school practices allow teachers the time they need to provide helpful feedback to students and be more communicative with parents.

Flexibility & Partnership

Private schools, especially independent private schools like HTES, are structured to adjust more fluidly to situations than schools that are part of a large system governed by bureaucracy.

This fluidity allows private schools to pivot faster to the needs of their teachers and students. It also helps create productive partnerships with families.

Often, the teacher and parent’s role in the learning process needs to be aligned to aid the student’s development. Due to their independence, private schools are typically more ideal for developing these essential partnerships which are vital to flourishing cohesively.

Life Prep, Not Just School Prep

Great schools do more than simply prepare students for the next grade.

While providing excellent academic programs, private schools also focus on helping children develop skills that encourage them to become quality citizens as well.

Social and emotional learning happens throughout the experience as the lessons on the playground, court, or field become an essential piece of education private schools have to offer.

In addition, students are encouraged to engage with their teachers and administrators with confidence by asking questions and receiving answers in a way that supports higher education, allowing the development of leadership and social skills.

Mission & Values

Private schools, especially independent private schools, have the ability to craft their own mission and develop programs that serve that mission well.

They also identify the core values that support that unique mission and ensure that those values are instilled in their daily practices.

With the ability to operate without systematic restraint, private schools can stay focused on serving their mission and modeling the values of their school.

Does Private School Sound Right for Your Child?

If you are considering private school to better your child’s education and daily social experiences, HTES may be just what you are looking for.

At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, our educational program focuses on supporting and mentoring your child through every stage of their development to prepare them for a bright future.

With our family of educators, you can feel confident that your child is getting the most out of their everyday school experiences.

For more information on how our private school can enhance your child’s academic and social development, give us a call today at 281-459-4323.

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