Summertime Tips for Child Development

Child Development Over Summer Break

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Are you looking for creative ways to support child development over summer break?

Summer is a time for children to have fun and relax. It is also a time in which some of the learning from school can get lost. This is mostly due to a lack of engaging activities and/or ongoing practice with newly acquired skills.

With a bit of planning, you can help your child stay engaged in learning even during the summer break. This article will give you some ideas for how you can provide activities that promote cognitive and social skills and limit any learning loss that may occur between school years.

Tips For Keeping Your Child Engaged in Learning While School Is Out

Plan Outdoor Activities Whenever You Can

Children love to learn through experience, play, and interacting with their peers. Fun outdoor activities with friends are an excellent way to promote childhood development. Select activities that develop both gross and fine motor skills like:

  • Gross Motor Skills: Catching a ball, climbing a rope, hopping over an obstacle, running a race.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Drawing a picture, digging up a “fossil,” holding tools.

A scavenger hunt, for example, can be a fun way for children to practice these skills.

Read To and With Your Child

Reading to and with your child is essential for building a love for reading and language arts development. Maintaining a schedule that includes reading over the summer is very important. To support this, schedule time to go to the library and allow your child to pick out some books to read. Libraries also have summer book clubs that reward students for reading. Using your local public library is a great way to promote literacy over the summer.

Assign Special Jobs

There are many simple ways to improve child development on a daily basis. For instance, giving a child a task that only they can do will help them feel important and needed. It can also teach them valuable life skills. Look for age-appropriate tasks that the child can achieve quickly to build their confidence. Ask your child to help you or a sibling to encourage cooperation. For example, your child can lay the silverware while you set out the plates for dinner.

Make Life More Mysterious

The human mind loves to solve mysteries. Improve your child’s problem-solving skills by creating simple problems to solve. For example, you could hide a toy and make it the object of your scavenger hunt. Give your child clues to solve so that they can determine which toy you hid and where you put it.

Look For Learning Everywhere

Being creative and looking for chances to learn everywhere helps your child develop a spirit of discovery that supports learning. For example, you could go for a walk and count wildflowers while explaining the process of pollination.

Continuing to reinforce child development over the summer is one of the best ways to prepare your child for the future and avoid summer learning loss. By incorporating some relatively easy strategies, your child can use the summer to improve their literacy, social, and communication skills.

HTES: Preparing Students for a Brighter Future

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