What to Expect From Private Episcopal School Education in Fall Creek, TX

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If you want your child to have a deep and fulfilling learning experience, sending them to a private school is one of the best decisions you can make.
Private schools generally have smaller class sizes, physical amenities designed with students in mind, and the flexibility to provide a more personalized educational experience. Thus, empowering teachers to focus on the learning and development of each child.

Many private schools also offer a more comprehensive educational experience by making a point of weaving in extracurricular, co-curricular, spiritual, and social lessons that develop the whole child.

At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, our program emphasizes these qualities on a regular basis. We are a private school that provides children with a strong foundation to grow his or her academic, social, emotional, and spiritual education.

Here are a few reasons why we believe a private school, such as Holy Trinity Episcopal School, is an excellent choice for your child’s education.

The Impactful Benefits of a Small Classroom

Small class sizes are an integral part of any private school. For schools like Holy Trinity, small class sizes are paramount to delivering an excellent education.

In addition to making it easier for teachers to concentrate on each child’s learning, small groups create a safe, friendly, and community-based environment. Children feel safe to explore their unique talents and abilities with complete confidence that they’ve got their teacher’s support and encouragement.

Fewer students in a single class also have the following benefits:

  • Quieter, calmer, and less crowded classrooms mean less distraction and better focus for students.
  • Supports a teacher’s ability to focus more time on instruction than classroom management.
  • Encourages building positive teacher/student relationships and supports better student/teacher communication.

Life Preparatory Values

Holy Trinity is more than a college preparatory school. It is a life preparatory school. The bedrock of our life prep program is our focus on spiritual, social, and emotional learning, as well as, our outstanding academic program. Specifically:

  • Spiritual Learning: Faith is one of the most important characteristics that develop a child’s sense of love and connection to those around them. As an Episcopal School, Holy Trinity follows the teachings of Christ within the context of the Episcopal faith and instills those lasting values through love and guidance.
  • Social Learning: Children benefit from learning how to interact with each other and manage relationships with peers. Our program encourages ample social interaction so that children develop the skills needed to engage confidently and positively in social settings.
  • Emotional Learning: Research suggests school programs focused on emotional and social values enhance students’ perception of themselves, promote positive social behaviors, and encourage connectedness and empathy. This, in turn, often leads to better school experiences, higher achievement, and a healthy sense of self.

Private School Offers One-on-One Educational & Emotional Support

As a private school, we place great emphasis on the student’s individual educational and emotional development. That, more than anything, sets us apart.

Our students receive this education in a moral context, with added spiritual teaching for a wholesome outlook on learning.

The individual attention provided to each student allows teachers to quickly identify each student’s strengths.

Some children have natural abilities in STEM, while others are better at the arts, sports, and music. Individualized support from teachers creates an environment that can help hone those skills in every student, with no child left behind.

Individual, emotional, and educational support not only helps teachers spot a child’s strengths; it also allows them to identify any potential struggle areas. By catching these issues early, teachers can help their students address these problems adequately by learning better coping strategies that help them build healthier peer relationships.

This unparalleled access to a specific focus is what makes many parents choose the best private school in the Fall Creek community.

Quality Academics That Engage The Heart & Mind

Lastly, we cannot ignore academic excellence as a key differentiator of private school education.

Because private schools have access to first-class resources, students get to experience a learning environment rooted in academic excellence. They get exposure to vast educational resources such as more equipped classrooms, better books, modern laboratories, well-stocked libraries, and more.

At a private school such as Holy Trinity Episcopal School, each student has access to all aspects of academic learning, including science, technology, the arts, culture, language, dance, physical education, and spiritual education.
Our approach to education sparks every student’s creativity, resulting in well-roundedness and the readiness to excel. As a result, when students go on to higher learning, they:

  • Are fully aware of their academic strengths
  • Are socially adept, interacting with others with respect and grace
  • Display high emotional maturity
  • Are grounded in spiritual wisdom and learning
  • Can confidently pursue success in all areas of life

Holy Trinity’s Episcopal Private School Education

Holy Trinity Episcopal School (HTES) prepares students to live educated and meaningful lives by equipping them with the skills and virtues needed to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our highly qualified teachers and staff are dedicated to nurturing and encouraging children to become constructive citizens of the future who are ready to contribute meaningfully to society.
We are committed to fully engaging the hearts and minds of students while ensuring their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development.

Call (281) 459-4323 or email info@hteshouston.org today to set up a consultation and explore how we may contribute to the development of your child in Fall Creek and the surrounding communities.

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