How a Private School Education Can Make a Difference for Your Child in Summerwood

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How a Private School Education Can Make a Difference for Your Child in Summerwood

Have you considered a private school education for your children?

Choosing where and how to educate their child is one of the most important decisions parents make.

The primary schooling years are the most transformative and influential of a child’s life, and where they attend school plays a significant role in the foundation for learning a child will take with him or her throughout life. Many parents find it stressful to look for a school that will have the most significant positive impact on their child.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child learns in a supportive scholarly community is by considering a private school. Private education offers many benefits. For example, private schools generally have small class sizes, high parent involvement, and more demanding scholarly standards.

These factors can be hugely beneficial to children.

Differences of a Private School Education

Individualized Learning Experiences

Class sizes are often smaller in private schools than in public schools. This structure allows private schools to place great emphasis on the relationship between students and teachers. As a result, private school teachers and other school staff have more time to spend with each student and partner with families.

In a private school, teachers have the time to check on all of their pupils individually and gauge their progress. That increased time allows teachers to minimize the chances of a student falling behind in class. Holy Trinity Episcopal School Students

Similarly, small class sizes can provide opportunities for more introverted students to flourish without restricting the experience of their extroverted peers. Also, anxious children who are worried about asking questions or participating may feel more comfortable in a classroom with fewer children.

Educational Flexibility

Private schools can often tailor their educational approach to the needs of individual students. This is due to the instructional autonomy private school teachers have that their public school colleagues do not. For students needing a challenge, teachers can adjust to provide more challenges. If a student needs additional support, teachers can put strategies in place to help students stay on track to meet the private schools’ high academic standards.

The Private Episcopal School Difference

Private Episcopal schools share many of the benefits that conventional private schools offer. However, there are a few key differences that make might an Episcopal school education a better option for your family.

Values-Based Foundation

Episcopal schools educate students within the framework of traditional Episcopal Church values such as inclusivity, respect, and service. With those values serving as the foundation for the learning experience, students in Episcopal schools learn to respect and help others; a lesson they take with them long after leaving school.

Community Outreach

Episcopal schools teach the importance of acts of service through community outreach programs. Outreach programs provide needed services in local communities. In addition, these experiences help students connect with their peers in service to a common cause. These experiences teach the value of service and prepare children to lead lives dedicated to bettering the world in which they live.Holy Trinity Episcopal School Chapel Service

Religious Education

Religion is an academic subject in Episcopal schools. In keeping with Episcopal Church traditions, Episcopal schools implement a developmentally appropriate rigorous, reasoned approach to asking and answering questions about God, faith, religion, and human spirituality.

Each Episcopal school develops a scope and sequence in keeping with its mission, student body, and educational philosophy. Content typically includes (depending on the age of the student) a study of the Bible and other sacred texts, world religions, Christian theology, and ethics.

How Holy Trinity Can Help You Shape a Brighter Future for Your Child

Holy Trinity is a private school located in the Lake Houston Area of Houston, TX. This area includes the neighborhoods in and around Summerwood, Fall Creek, Humble, and Atascocita. We provide a comprehensive and vigorous learning experience for early childhood and elementary school children 3-years old through 5th grade.

Our teachers and school staff are all committed to providing a world-class education and a school environment built on three core values; respect, integrity, and compassion. Holy Trinity educators work with your child directly, offering personalized learning experiences that allow your child to grow individually, academically, and spiritually. We prepare our students to live educated and meaningful lives.

To learn more about Episcopal private school education, call Holy Trinity Episcopal School today at (281) 459-4323.

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