Early Childhood Development at a Glance

Early Childhood Development & The Value of STEM

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The first years of school (ages 3-5) are critical in child development and future academic success. During this period, learning is often driven by wonder, curiosity, and imagination.

Schools that create learning environments and offer experiences that tap into these motivators are very effective in helping children learn during these formative years.

Learning at this age is also a social function. In addition to academic growth, children at this age need to learn how to engage with each other, share items and thoughts, and work together to figure out solutions to age-appropriate challenges.

The result is a developing sense of self-awareness, confidence, and a balance between collaboration and independence that will serve children well throughout their lives.

The Value of STEM in Early Childhood Education

One way to bring this type of learning into an early childhood class is to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as part of the child’s experience.

STEM lessons, while beneficial for all ages, can be especially impactful during early childhood. Among the many benefits are:

  • The introduction of interesting and engaging topics that are based on real-world concepts
  • Hands-on interactive lessons that often include fun projects and experiments
  • The lessons promote cooperation among students and provide a window into a child’s natural curiosity about how the world works
  • Inclusion of non-fiction into early reading development
  • Development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and the introduction of how different subjects work together to create new knowledge

At HTES: Your Child’s Early Development Includes STEM

Holy Trinity Episcopal School is a private school that begins STEM lessons as part of the early childhood education experience. Each week, students have designated time to explore our STEM-based “Genius Lab” and have STEM lessons taught in their regular class setting.

The teachers and staff at Holy Trinity are passionate and dedicated to helping their students find success in a safe and fun learning environment. Students at Holy Trinity love to learn and make friends, and their teachers love to teach.

Call us at 281-459-4323 to learn more about HTES and how we help prepare children to live educated and meaningful lives.

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