Holy Trinity Episcopal School


Spanish at HTES begins in 3K and continues throughout a student’s time with us. The program addresses all four areas of language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The first two skills, listening and speaking, deal with oral proficiency, and begin at the 3K and lower grade levels. Just as small children learn how to speak their native language by listening and repeating, likewise, they learn Spanish. Language acquisition at this level is enhanced using songs, games, and many visuals.

Listening and speaking skills continue to develop in the Lower and Upper Elementary.

As students progress, more challenging skills, such as writing Spanish, are included.

In the reading and writing of sentences, we look at the conventions of Spanish grammar, from agreement and placement of adjectives to the conjugation of the verbs. Along the way, we learn how to carry on a conversation and learn about various people and cultures.

Holy Trinity Episcopal School Classroom