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Holy Trinity Episcopal School

Early Childhood

Searching for the best private schools for your child? You’ve come to the right place.  

Our Private Primary School Program offers our youngest students a bright future in academic development and success by starting them out on the right path early on.

It is widely accepted that children learn to create, collaborate, analyze, and discover through play. At Holy Trinity, we agree with that belief and fully engage our early learners with experiential learning and discovery.

Young students explore, investigate, and use their instinctual senses to begin understanding the world around them. To support these beautiful stages in early learning, our teachers create safe and nurturing environments that allow students to exercise their curiosity and make new discoveries on a daily basis; by doing so, we successfully inspire an eager love of learning at an early age when it matters most.

Our formal academics are introduced at an age and developmentally appropriate level that allows young children to spend much of their day actively engaged in learning through carefully thought out lessons and play.

Our daily schedule provides students with age-appropriate lessons and balanced playtimes geared towards social and creative growth for natural development. These daily experiences inspire our young students and challenge them to integrate what they are learning into their daily lives.

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Our youngest Titans are our 3K Primary students. For many of our young ones, 3K is the first time they’ve attended a full day of school. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to instill a love for school and the ability to manage a daily routine.

Our 3K classes are both a safe and nurturing environment where young children can learn about the world around them through structured and unstructured play, and activity based centers.

3K is a very active time that introduces our young students to a number of social skills (such as sharing, taking turns, and using good manners). This time also assists them in developing intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth through positive guidance and loving support. 

In addition, our students participate in numerous activities that strengthen and fine-tune their motor skills such as, learning to hold a pencil correctly, writing their name independently, and safely using scissors.

Academically, some of the hallmarks of 3K include:

  • Literacy skills: letter recognition, learning vowels and consonants, phonics, read-aloud stories (fiction and nonfiction), the understanding that text runs from left to right, rhyming words, and syllables.
  • Math skills: number recognition up to twenty, rote counting, skip counting, shapes, patterns, sorting and graphing.
  • Science: use of magnets, magnifying glasses, safety goggles, measuring cups, taking nature walks, learning the life cycle of a butterfly, observing animals and their habitats, and learning about weather and seasons.
  • Social Studies: becoming familiar with their community, environment, and peers. Students learn about themselves, and how they fit into their community, family, and classroom.

The 4K class emphasizes a balance between academic readiness and transitioning children from a preschool experience to an elementary school experience. Specifically, this year continues to emphasize the importance of play in a child’s learning by introducing additional emphasis on managing routines and academic readiness for Kindergarten. Ultimately, 4K prepares students academically and socially while instilling a love for learning in a nurturing environment.

Specific academic areas of focus include:

  • Literacy skills: phonetic sounds, letters, sight words, daily journals, using upper and lower case letters, and writing/spelling one’s name correctly
  • Math: numbers up to 20, patterns, graphing, sorting, time, money, addition, and subtraction
  • Social Studies: monthly thematic units coordinate with the seasons and holidays
    Science: using science journals, seasons, weather, exploring various life forms (animals, plants, bugs, etc.)
  • STEM: STEMscopes Early Explorer program

Kindergarten marks the end of a student’s Early Childhood experience and begins the transition to Lower School; specifically, first grade.

Students in Kindergarten learn and explore in a safe and fun environment while beginning to become more personally responsible for their choices.

Every child, every day is given an opportunity to develop leadership skills and practice social interaction with others. They are encouraged through open-ended activities to contribute, take risks, make decisions and grow their natural curiosity.

Recognizing that learning to read is a very individual and developmental process. At HTES, We offer a multi-dimensional and all-inclusive approach that incorporates phonemic awareness, phonics, visual cues, decoding and coding words, and high-frequency words with practical application in a literature-rich environment.

In addition, Kindergarten includes hands-on math and science activities, STEM, social studies as well as geography, Spanish, STEM, art, music, religious study, and physical education.

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Holy Trinity's Primary Private School Experience

At HTES, our primary school program is truly the heart of all we do as educators and mentors, by nurturing our young students from the very beginning and readying them for a bright future, both academically and socially.

If you are interested in learning more about our private school program, call our office today at (281) 459-4323.

We would be happy to schedule a tour for you and your child as well as discuss our program further and any questions you may have.