Private Elementary School

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

Private Elementary School

HTES’ private school elementary program focuses on building a lifelong educational foundation for early childhood, all of the way to upper elementary learning.

Our private school is built around full engagement and the nurturing of a child’s natural curiosity for learning and developing new skills, both academically, characteristically, and socially.

Within the carefully structured framework of our curriculum, we’ve placed exemplary teachers who are well versed in the encouragement of creative thinking and analytical reasoning of our young students.

Our teachers practice the Responsive Classroom approach to build a positive learning environment and meet their curricular goals with strategies that balance developmental and academic readiness.

This approach weaves students’ social and emotional growth into their learning process. The Responsive Classroom approach has been proven to increase academic achievement in elementary school students, decrease negative behavior, improve social skills, and raise the quality of professional instruction.

Our Private School offers students a very bright future in academic development and success.

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Lower Elementary

At HTES, our lower elementary program creates a lifestyle for students centered on a love of learning and personal growth.

As our students engage in the learning process, our teachers actively nurture their curiosity within our exemplary curriculum by encouraging creative and analytical thinking.

Our lower school curriculum focuses on mastering academic skills and content, as well as social and character development.

Holy Trinity’s elementary private school program officially begins in 1st grade- This is an exciting time in the life of your child as they move into the “numbered grades!”

We recognize that development is diverse and that 1st grade is often a year in which students begin to demonstrate a wide range of abilities and skills, and this is what makes 1st grade fantastic.

In our program, higher-level reading and math skills are emphasized in 1st grade and the expectation is that students self-manage their emotions and efforts throughout the school year more than they would have in early childhood.

As such, it is expected that students begin to learn how to work collaboratively more in 1st grade as part of their social development.

Examples of the academic goals of first grade include:

  • Literacy skills – decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary development, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and handwriting
  • Math – number sense, addition and subtraction (up to 2 digit numbers), basic geometry, money, shape fractions, and measuring
  • Science/STEM – STEMscopes for 1st grade, lab safety, changes in matter, energy and motion, weather and seasons, living things and their environments
  • Social Studies – rules and laws, leaders and government, communities, our economy, maps/globes, world cultures, holidays, symbols of the United States

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Following up on the foundations established in 1st grade, 2nd grade focuses on transitioning students from early readers to chapter books.

It is at this time that more class discussions about reading are important. This helps students learn to be more collaborative and accepting of different points of view and builds confidence.

Science and social studies continue with age-appropriate lessons along with STEM-focused active lessons.

Other academic benchmarks for 2nd grade include:

  • Greater emphasis on grammar and sentence structure
  • Regrouping in addition and subtraction with 2 and 3 digit numbers
  • Introduction of basic geometry, fractions, multiplication, and division

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3rd Grade

The 3rd-grade experience at Holy Trinity’s private elementary school is outstanding.

Students nearing the end of their elementary years continue to refine their core academic skills while intentionally evolving into more independent and collaborative learners, preparing them for their Intermediate Schooling years.

Academically, the 3rd-grade curriculum includes:

  • Emphasis on novels, vocabulary development, short stories, and poetry
  • Continued study of grammar and higher-level composition
  • Math concepts such as fractions, decimals, and geometry
  • The study of Ancient Rome, US History, map skills/geography, and market economics
  • STEMscopes as well as the properties of matter, energy, forces and work, Earth’s surface, people and resources, water and weather, space, ecosystems and interactions, and living things

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Upper Elementary

The transition from lower to upper elementary school is a critical stage in development and can challenge any student.

At HTES, students increasingly gain valuable self-management skills and independence throughout the upper elementary stages while guided and fully supported by their teachers.

Although Intermediate School marks the end of a student’s Holy Trinity journey, these stages are built on providing students an experience that best prepares them for middle school’s academic, social, and emotional demands.

4th Grade

4th grade at HTES is an important year for students, as they are beginning to take pride in their independence by practicing self-management and responsibility on a regular basis.

Leadership development also plays an important role in the development of our 4th graders as they take on more active roles in chapel, lead younger student partnerships, and develop their own campus leadership project to manage.

4th-grade academic goals include:

  • Transitioning to novels and dissecting elements of the stories
  • Advanced arithmetic and deeper geometric concepts
  • Texas state history
  • STEM-based science concepts

5th Grade

As our students enter their 5th-grade year, they proudly take on the “student leader” role. Our 5th graders take the lead by acting as official ambassadors over the student body, designing leadership projects, and much more.

The academic journey of our 5th graders includes:

  • Language Arts: Literary analysis, academic essays, citations, vocabulary enhancement, and creative writing
  • STEM-based projects
  • Math: Fractions and decimals, equations involving fractions, geometric equations, algebraic reasoning, spatial reasoning, and data analysis
  • History: Early U.S. History (Pre 1500- Civil War)
  • Science: Scientific method, physical science, biology, Earth science, astronomy

Holy Trinity's Private Elementary School - A Path to Higher Learning

We take a lot of pride in our elementary program, as we have seen huge success with our processes and our students’ response to them throughout their time here at HTES.

From early on emotional, social, and characteristic development to advanced learning skills, our private school offers the love, support, and academic structure that young children need to thrive in today’s environment.

If you are interested in learning more about our private elementary program, call our office today at (281) 459-4323.

We would be happy to schedule a tour for you and your child as well as discuss our program further and any questions you may have.