3rd Grade Private School

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

3rd Grade Private School

The 3rd grade is a pivotal time in your little one’s education. When children reach this central point of elementary school, they shift into learning more complex educational skills to prepare them for middle school.

At Holy Trinity Episcopal School in Houston, TX, we offer premier third-grade education experiences designed to expand children’s independence, improve their social skills, and prepare them for standardized testing. The third-grade program at HTES creates a positive learning environment where your child can thrive and feel fully supported throughout their learning journey.

The HTES 3rd Grade Experience

Third grade is when children move past “learning to read” and start “reading to learn.” Until this point, your child developed valuable skills in reading, socializing, counting, and history that allowed them to catch a glimpse of how the world works. Now, they must use these building blocks as tools to develop their knowledge further.
Quality third-grade education and one-on-one focused support help children take these major steps, from enjoying fun cartoon books to studying for an exam. During third grade, students discover how to learn independently, study information, and apply what they learn to tests.

At Holy Trinity, we employ a proven approach to child development to ensure that all students progress through elementary school successfully and happily. Our class sizes are small, 16 to 18 students, so each student can receive the personalized attention they need to succeed.

3rd Grade Private School

Why Choose a Private School?

Private school education offers the following core benefits for children in lower elementary stages of educational development:

  • Individualized attention

    With small class sizes and low student/teacher ratios, each child can receive one-on-one attention for their learning needs.

  • High academic standards

    Private schools follow the highest academic standards, ensuring each child achieves them through personalized support.

  • Improved technology

    Private schools have the funding needed to fill classrooms with the most advanced learning technology to help children succeed.

  • Mission-driven values

    You can select organizations that align with your family’s religious affiliations to keep your child’s values unified everywhere they go.

  • Positive learning experiences

    Private schools prioritize making education an exciting and fun experience that encourages kids to love learning.

  • Close student-teacher relationships

    With smaller class sizes, your child can develop close connections with their teachers, making them feel more comfortable, appreciated, and noticed.

  • Comprehensive education

    Private schools go beyond math, reading, and science by helping children learn valuable social and independence skills that will help them develop into successful adults.

  • Effective challenges

    With smaller class sizes come new challenges. Teachers can push each student to achieve educational excellence without overwhelming them.

Our 3rd Grade Private School Curriculum

At Holy Trinity, we offer an outstanding third-grade experience that helps children refine their core academics while evolving into more independent and collaborative learners. Our primary goal is to prepare your child for middle school so they can enter the next grade equipped with knowledge and an excitement for learning.

Our HTES third-grade curriculum includes the following academic summits:

  • Reading: Introducing chapter books, further vocabulary development, diverse short stories, and poetry.
  • Writing: Elevating grammar techniques and upper-level sentence composition.
  • Math: Beginning more advanced math concepts like decimals, fractions, and geometry.
  • History: Studying U.S. history, ancient Rome, mapping skills, geography, and market economics.
  • Science: Introducing STEMscopes, matter properties, energy forces, components of Earth’s surface, people and resources, weather patterns, the water cycle, space, ecosystems, and living things.

The above factors define our surface-level curriculum, though we deeply dive into each subject, contextualizing how they relate to real life. Throughout the curriculum, we help prepare our students for upcoming exams and future learning.

Learn More About What HTES Has in Store for Your 3rd Grader

At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, we care about every child’s success. Our individualized approach to third-grade education ensures your child develops the necessary skills and a passion for learning.

Contact HTES today at (281) 459-4323 for a tour and to learn more about our third-grade program.