1st Grade Private School

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

1st Grade Private School

Selecting the best school for your child is a major decision, especially as they approach kindergarten and 1st grade. In elementary school, your child will develop many formative skills that will shape how they learn, communicate, and progress into adulthood.

Considering a private school is one of the best ways you can ensure that your child receives the support, attention, positive influences, and education they need to develop into a successful student. 

At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, we provide first-class private school education designed to nurture and guide children to their brightest academic future.

Our Approach to Elementary Education

A quality 1st-grade education sets your child on a path to success. At Holy Trinity, we have a unique approach to child development. Our elementary program focuses on engaging students in their education, nurturing their curiosity, and encouraging creative thinking so students can develop a lifelong passion for growth and learning.

Our elementary program centers around these key pillars:

  • Academic skills
  • Social responsibility
  • Character development
1st Grade Private School

Holy Trinity aims to help children grow in more ways than just their reading and math skills. We strive to develop children into students aiming for academic excellence, meaningful life experiences, and an appreciation for civic responsibilities. 

Offering children the opportunities to take risks, learn, share, collaborate, and grow through relationship-centered teaching creates the foundation for a meaningful life filled with education, integrity, connection, respect, ethics, and compassion. 

The Value of Attending a Private School

Private school education offers wonderful benefits during the elementary years of child development. At Holy Trinity Episcopal School, we give your child the attention they need through:

  • Small class sizes

    Our 1st grade classes range from 16 to 18 students, allowing us to focus on each student’s unique needs. 

  • Low student-to-teacher ratios

    Our average student-to-teacher ratio is 6:1. We believe all children deserve hands-on, undivided attention from our experienced staff.

  • Personalized attention

    With smaller classes and ratios, we have more time to focus on each child’s educational needs. For example, if we notice that your child excels with reading and math but struggles to make friends, we can help them develop stronger social skills. 

  • Inclusiveness

    We firmly follow the no-child-left-behind mindset. We include all students in all community and learning activities. 

  • Parent communities

    Getting involved in your child’s education helps them excel. We value partnerships among parents, teachers, and students. 

  • Comprehensive education

    We believe education is more than just books and numbers. We teach children valuable lifelong lessons rooted in our core values: respect, compassion, and integrity.

What You Can Expect from Our 1st Grade Private School Curriculum

First grade is an exciting and crucial time in your child’s life. During this school year, we begin teaching more complex developmental skills and abilities that challenge children to begin thinking creatively, critically, and analytically. We also focus on collaborative school work during our 1st-grade program so that students can begin sharpening their social skills.

A few examples of our 1st-grade academic program’s goals include the following:

  • Math: Numbers, two-digit addition and subtraction, simple geometry, money, measuring, and shape fractions
  • Literacy skills: Fluency, decoding, vocabulary development, comprehension, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and handwriting
  • Science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math): STEMscopes for 1st grade, changes in matter, lab safety, energy and motion, seasons, weather, living things, and environments
  • Social studies: Laws, rules, government, leaders, U.S. economy, communities, maps, globes, holidays, world cultures, and U.S. symbols

By the end of the year, we aim to help children reach a solid understanding of how the world around them works. This understanding involves everything from animals and environmental changes to budgeting, reading their favorite books, and much more.

Learn More About the HTES 1st Grade Experience

If you want to provide your child with the best possible educational experience, consider a private school. At Holy Trinity Episcopal School in Houston, TX, your child’s developmental success is our number one priority.

Call today at (281) 459-4323 for more information on our 1st-grade program and to schedule a tour.