Professional Excellence

Characteristics of

Professional Excellence

As educators at Holy Trinity Episcopal School, we prepare students to live educated and meaningful lives. We demonstrate our commitment to this mission by modeling the values espoused in The Titan Way: Respect, Integrity, and Compassion.

We demonstrate respect by

  • Using good manners
  • Avoiding sarcasm
  • Actively listening with the goal of understanding before trying to be understood
  • Knowing our students and colleagues by name and acknowledging that each person has talents and interests beyond those we see at school
  • Following through on our promises
  • Being friendly when greeting others
  • Taking pride in our school facilities

We demonstrate Integrity by

  • Following through on our promises
  • Taking ownership of our words and actions
  • Being impartial in our interactions with students, colleagues, and families
  • Partnering with families in an effort to maximize the student experience
  • Remaining above reproach in our professional and interpersonal communications
  • Taking ownership of our professional growth by collaborating with colleagues, staying current on practices, reflecting on our own work, and challenging ourselves to try new methods and make adjustments

We demonstrate Compassion by

  • Demonstrating empathy and sympathy
  • Encouraging others when support is needed
  • Accepting that emotions are a normal part of life
  • Practicing servant leadership in our community
  • Seeking connection before redirection
  • Treating others the way we want to be treated by showing kindness and understanding
  • Attending school events outside of school hours
  • Actively seeking opportunities to bring more joy and less distress into the learning