Portrait of a Titan

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

Portrait of a Titan

Holy Trinity Episcopal School is the home of the Titans. We are committed to inspiring hearts and engaging minds. Ultimately, our goal is to provide students with a learning experience that prepares them to live educated and meaningful lives. We believe this type of learning experience goes beyond a purely academic preparatory focus. It is a life preparatory experience guided by The Titan Way: Respect, Compassion, and Integrity.

Child development is uneven. As such, Holy Trinity Episcopal School recognizes that working with children means walking with them through both the easy and tough lessons. Often, the most valuable learning results from the most challenging tasks. Thus, we are guided to love, not label; teach, not judge; and be present in the moments our students offer to us.

A Titan is a joyful and eager learner who loves our school and cares deeply for others. Each day, Titans endeavor to live The Titan Way.


  • using good manners
  • taking care of personal belongings
  • caring for our school property
  • giving his or her best effort


  • taking responsibility for actions regardless of intent
  • working productively with others
  • telling the truth, even when it is hard
  • asking for help when needed


  • considering how others feel
  • working to productively resolve conflict
  • taking action to bring more joy into the world
  • recognizing when someone needs a friend