School Leadership

The School’s Board of Directors is responsible for the effective governance of Holy Trinity Episcopal School. The Board of Directors approves the School’s policies and employs the Head of School, its sole employee, to implement its policies, the mission of the School, and all aspects of its daily operations. The Head of School directs an administrative team with different areas of responsibility within the School and is an ex officio member of the Board and attends all meetings and committee meetings.

The Head of School hires all faculty and staff, directs the management of the facility, creates and implements the yearly budget with the Business Manager, creates appropriate policies, oversees and reviews admissions policies, oversees accreditation, directs curriculum planning, and works with community agencies to assure adherence to safety and licensing requirements. The Head of School also meets with and directs parent organizations within the School. Holy Trinity Episcopal School is a nonprofit educational organization designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3).

Board of Directors

Sarah Martin


Jonanthan Frey


Omar Tello


Mark Mitchell

Tamerson Glenn-Rudd

Amanda Petree

Ronnie Rudd

Robert Soard

Hugh Parry


Michael Waller

Interim Head of School

Lilia Amaya

Business Manager

Leo Silva

Director of Technology and Plant Operations

Emilse Escalante

Director of Enrollment Management