Holy Trinity Episcopal School

The mission of Holy Trinity Episcopal School is to prepare students for higher education and a meaningful life experience through a program emphasizing academic excellence, spiritual development, and social responsibility. We serve this mission by building and maintaining a community of educators and families that are committed to supporting each other in the service of our mission while providing an inclusive and comprehensive “life-preparatory” education that is centered on students and backed by developmentally, scientifically, and emotionally sound methods for teaching and learning. The educational experience described in our mission requires us to be present each day and ready to exert the emotionally labor intensive work of relationship centered teaching.

Emotional labor is the value added of attending Holy Trinity Episcopal School. The fruit of that labor is found in our commitment to being a “people place” where every child and family is known and cherished.

Teaching and learning in a relationship driven environment is about asking tough questions and providing students opportunities to grow, learn, share, celebrate, and take risks in their learning. Put differently, it is engaging in a way that leads to the best possible long-term learning outcome rather than taking short cuts to short term illusions of success. Our learning environment calls for us to accept that we all have something to learn and that things we may not agree with are possibly the things we need to be the most open to understanding.

It is being prepared and willing to follow The Titan Way – Respect, Compassion, and Integrity.

Learning core academic subjects (math, science, social studies, English, etc.) is important. However, families deserve more. Holy Trinity Episcopal School families engage in a school community that inspires children to connect with others, has a moral and ethical code, models respect, compassion, and integrity, and sets the foundation for living an educated and meaningful life.
Holy Trinity Episcopal School knows when to push students and when to pull back. We inspire children to be proud of their accomplishments. We set them on a course to independence, creative thought, and problem solving.

The world is unpredictable. Providing students with a learning experience that helps them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive throughout life is a challenge we gladly accept.

Holy Trinity Episcopal School is fully accredited by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES), and the Houston Area Independent Schools (HAIS).